GLOBAL SCIENCE FLEX is a new study line which is aimed at students who are interested in natural sciences and global topics. If you have ambitions of studying abroad or working in an international organization or company, this line might be the perfect choice for you!
In this study line you learn about everything between heaven and earth- and in between. In Chemistry, we study the chemistry in our everyday lives, how the substances are composed and how they interact with each other. In Physics B, we go one step further when we study the structure of the elements. On a larger scale, we study the properties of substances and the laws you use to describe nature. In English A, we study fiction and non-fiction texts and movies, often focusing on international issues with a scientific angle.
Global Science Flex has a global outlook, mostly looking at topics from an international perspective. Lessons and texts in Chemistry B, Physics B, Mathematics A, English A, History A, Religious Studies C and Classical Studies C are (mainly) in English and final exams will be in English. Consequently, you will obtain a strong international science profile and significantly improve your English. You can strengthen your Global Science Flex profile by upgrading Chemistry B and Physics B to A level.

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